Scubajet Pro 200 Dive

Scubajet delivers 20Kg (200 Newtons) of thrust and weighs in at just 3,5Kg! So you can’t an idea, it is the equivalent of using a Seabob F5S on the second of 6 speeds. Seabob weighs in at 35Kg. and is a lot more difficult to store onboard a boat and launch into the water.

Includes: Motor unit, Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand, Charger, Tube, Dive Leash, Motor unit mesh, spare Impeller, O-Ring Set, Grease

NOTE: This is the Scubajet PRO Dive package, included is everything to be used as the most powerful underwater scooter on the market (Power to weight ratio). If you want to also use Scubajet tom motorize your Stand up Paddle you will need to purchase the SUP adaptor separately.
*Battery for Scubajet to be purchased separately. You should choose between the normal battery or the *Fly battery which allows you to take Scubajet on an airplane!



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